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Pink Beach Komodo Islands East Nusa Tenggara

Komodo Island!

Who does not know about Komodo Island? Komodo Island is an island in the Nusa Tenggara Islands, Indonesia. This island is a National Park area which has a variety of small islands.

If you think that this island has many dragons, you are right. This island is the only island that is home to dragons in the world. If you want to see the Komodo dragon directly, you must visit this place. The interesting thing is that you can easily see dragons targeting their prey. When you visit Indonesia, it’s not wrong if you try to take a vacation in this tourist spot.

The brief history of Komodo Island

A man named Lieutenant Steyn Van Hens Broek, In 1910, went to Komodo Island to get evidence of the report that there were animals like dragons on the island. He and his army came to the island and hunt the animal. This man as well as his troops were able to kill one Komodo dragon and then photographed the komodo and sent it to the researchers at Botanical Garden that is located in Bogor. the Dutch government, In 1915,  banned the hunting of dragons since it is possible that these animals would become extinct. In addition, UNESCO established this place as a world heritage site in 1986 so you have to visit Indonesia. This is because Komodo Island defeated other sites or attractions around the world and successfully entered as 7 of the world’s wonder sites. 

Activities at Komodo Island?

On this island, you can do various kinds of very interesting activities besides seeing the dragons spread on this island. Here are the things that you can enjoy when you visit Komodo Island, Indonesia.


As you know, this island has lots of dragons. However, besides dragons, you can see and find various animals such as birds, horses, deer, monitor lizards and many other animals that you rarely encounter. One way you can do to enjoy and see the beauty of Komodo Island is through tracking.

When tracking, you are required to climb Ara Mountain with a height of 537 meters. Interestingly, you can see the Water Hole as komodo dragon place when they are drinking. You can easily see various dragons that are drinking or just taking a rest.


In addition to the Komodo dragon and various animal species that you can find on this island, Komodo Island also has very beautiful islands. Besides, on this island, there are more than 386 types of coral reefs and 70 types of sponges. You can also see various types of fish, whales, sharks, turtles, dolphins and other species that live on this island. Did you know that this island is also called the best diving spot in Indonesia? if you visit Indonesia, it’s not wrong if you try to snorkel here.


To go to this tourist spot, there is various transportation that you can choose. You can use transportation by sea. Besides, you can choose air and land transportation. If you choose to use air transportation, you can choose a flight from Denpasar then you stop at Labuan Bajo. After arriving in Labuan Bujo, you can use a ferry to arrive on Komodo Island. Even so, you can also use sea transportation that will depart you from Bali and also use land transportation which you can choose to take a bus from Bali to go to Labuan Bajo. After you make it to the place you are required to order a ferry to get to the island you are going to. Live on Board. If you choose not to use these facilities, you can rent a place or facility that provides a boat and a hotel together, but you will need a few days to arrive on the island. This island is the only island that is home to dragons in the world. If you want to see the Komodo dragon directly, you must visit this place.

3 Komodo Island Travel Destinations You Must Visit

In addition to seeing dragons, on this island you can also find a variety of diversity and natural beauty that is spread on this island. You will find an island that has a variety of marine biota and fauna that are truly beautiful. On this island, there are various tourist destinations that you can find. So, you need a lot of time to be able to explore all the natural beauty that exists. Make a list of the places you want to visit so you don’t get confused when you get to this island. Here are 3 tourist attractions that you can visit when you are on Komodo Island.

1. Rinca Island

Did you know that on Rinca Island you will find komodo easily compared to Komodo Island? The number of dragons on Rinca Island is very small but the small size of the island makes it easier for you to find dragons there. When visiting this place, you have to hire a guide on duty to protect you from the dragons. Even the guide will tell you about interesting facts about dragons such as adult female dragons will eat their mother for the baby dragons who can not run away from their mother.

2. Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the largest island in the Komodo Islands when you visit Indonesia which is an island inhabited by local people. You can do tracking on this island to see a very wide landscape of grass and resembles a forest and several large trees. The interesting thing here besides you can see the Komodo dragon is that in this place a tower has been built which becomes one of the telecommunications providers when you visit this place. A strong signal will make you not bored to go to this place.

3. Pink Beach After you are tired of going around Komodo Island, you can swim at Pink Beach. This beach is in the Komodo Island region and you just need to take 20-25 minutes to reach this beach. You can snorkel on this pink island with an extraordinary underwater view. For those of you who like to swim at this beach, I suggest you not to swim too far because the currents are very fast. You can also easily find various food stalls around this beach.

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