Visit Indonesia: A Series of Paradise in The Eastern Part Of Indonesia

Mandorak Beach East Nusa Tenggara

Visit Indonesia has become well known recently. Indonesia is one of the countries known for its rich natural tourism. The diversity of its natural attractions makes Indonesia’s natural beauty endless. So many natural attractions in Indonesia are still hidden and not yet known by many people. Indonesia, which is located on two oceans and two continents, has a series of islands with more than 17 thousand islands, indeed known as a country rich in natural diversity, and its culture.

At present, Indonesia’s tourism or Visit Indonesia sector is focusing on introducing the beauty of tourist destinations in Eastern Indonesia. For those of you who enjoy traveling, these tourist spots are worth entering the bucket list for your next vacation trip!

1. Pulo Cinta Eco Resort

Who says traveling to the Maldives is expensive? Instead of going all the way to the Maldives, you should first visit this one tourist spot.

Pulo Cinta Eco Resort is located on the southern coast of Gorontalo precisely located in Tomini Bay, Boalemo, Gorontalo Province. The shape of the island in the form of a heart emoticon accompanied by lodging on it is the reason why this island is called Pulo Cinta. In Pulo Cinta, there are approximately 15 cottages that carry the theme of a floating cottage, aka you can directly enjoy the sea from your room, just like in the Maldives. Besides, the concept of nature that is still natural accompanied by the clarity of the water can make your vacation feel more like heaven. Visit Indonesia is somekind of amazing, right?

2. Banda Neira

Banda Neira is one of the islands in the Banda Islands, central Maluku district that you have to put on your Visit Indonesia ‘s list. During the Dutch colonial era, this place was the center of the nutmeg trade. Some historical relics such as the Belgica Fortress still stand today. This area consists of several islands including Hatta Island, Nailaka Island, and Rhon Island. Almost all the islands in this region have beautiful beaches with white sand. All of them are the right place for snorkeling and diving. In addition to water travel, travelers can see the beauty of the island from a height of 650 meters by climbing Mount Api Banda.

3. Labengki Island

The next Visit Indonesia’s spot is Labengki Island is a tourist island located in Lasolo District, Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi. To reach Labengki Island, we can use a Speedboat with a travel time of approximately 1.5-2 hours from the city of Kendari. This island is known as the Raja Ampat miniature because it has small islands and large islands around which there are small islands with car rock structures and are overgrown with thousands of wild orchids that make them more beautiful and charming.

4. Kei Island

The Kei Islands are located in the southeast of the Maluku district. The beach on Kei Island has white sand with a soft and clean texture. Not just diving and snorkeling on the beach, you can enjoy exploring Hawang Cave which is connected with the Evu spring. This Visit Indonesia’s area is also a habitat for Australian Pelicans who are migrating to Maluku from their homes in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

To add insight into the relics of prehistoric times, on this island, there is a Luvat Cave on the wall decorated with paintings of megalithic people.

5. Mandorak Beach

Mandorak Beach is another Visit Indonesia’s bucket list.  It is a hidden paradise beach located in Kalena Rongo Village, North Kodi District, Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Called a hidden paradise because the location of this beach is in a remote area with access that is still narrow, so many people do not know about this beach.

This beach has white sand that is clean and sparkling like a pearl as well as the view that can soothe the eye. The waves are big enough so that for travelers who like to surf, it can be great to try the sensation of waves on this beach. However, for those of you travelers who want to swim, be careful and see the wave condition first!

6. Togean Islands

Toge Islands are located in Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi. In this area, there are marine national parks that are rich in coral reefs and various rare and protected marine biota, such as giant clam pilot whales, reef sharks, manta rays and others. This place is also inhabited by turtle species, such as hawksbill and green turtle.

7. Satonda Island

Another unique paradise tour is located in Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. What’s so unique?

Satonda Island has a beautiful lake right in the middle of the island with its salty water. It is said that Lake Satonda was formed due to the eruption of Mount Satonda in thousands of years ago. Initially, this lake has fresh water. However, the eruption of Mount Tambora and the tsunami caused by the eruption delivered seawater into the lake and caused the water to be salty until now.

This tourist attraction presents exotic natural scenery that is still natural with fresh air far from urban air pollution. It suits for you who want to get rid of fresh air.

8. Ternate

Visit Indonesia is also licared in the city of Ternate is under the foot of the Gamalama volcano, on the island of Ternate, North Maluku. The main attraction of Ternate is Maitara Island and Tidore whose photos are printed on a thousand-dollar bill. Here tourists are spoiled with views of the island from the top of Mount Gamalama, the green lake Ttolire and snorkeling in clear seawater.

Also, several fortresses still stand including Kastela Castle, Promise City Fortress, and Oranje Fortress.

9. Tanjung Meriam

This tour is one of the hits on the West Nusa Tenggara tour!

Tanjung Meriam is a beach located in Lambu District, Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. On this beach, you will be amazed by the stretch of white sand accompanied by the beautiful blue seawater, and the unique rocky hills that resemble the krypton planet in the film Superman. And even though this Visit Indonesia’s place has become famous, the atmosphere is comfortable so you can still feel like home because the number of visitors to Tanjung Meriam is still relatively quiet.

So, are you ready to exploring the magnificent heaven of Visit Indonesia?

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