Travel Destinations in Indonesia are not only Bali

Mentawai West Sumatera

Indonesia, known as the Archipelago State, has a variety of tourist attractions that offer stunning natural panoramas. No doubt, destination jargon in Indonesia, visit Indonesia is well known to the international public, making the natural beauty of Indonesia succeed in attracting the attention of many foreign tourists for a vacation to Indonesia. Not only ordinary people, world celebrities often choose Indonesia as a vacation destination, especially Bali. For the past few months, Hollywood celebrities have been seen displaying the beauty of Bali in their Instagram feeds. Most recently, was the visit of Kardashian families like Kim, Kourtney and Khloe who were on vacation while completing their project on the island of the Gods.

Although Bali is known as a tourist location that is used as a holiday destination for celebrities in the world, in fact there are still many tourist sites in Indonesia which also became a favorite place for world celebrities for vacation. What are some of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia besides the already famous island of Bali.

Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra

The Mentawai Islands are known as one of the best places in the world for surfing lovers. A large and perfect wave of waves makes the Mentawai Islands located in West Sumatra often referred to as a surfer’s paradise. No wonder many surfers of the world are tempted to show their ability to conquer the big waves there. Even actor Liam Hemsworth tried his ability to surf in the Mentawai Islands in 2017. Besides Liam Hemsworth, some of the world celebrities who are also known to have vacationed at this place are Brody Jenner. The late Paul Walker was also said to be one of the Hollywood celebrities who often spent their holidays in the Mentawai Islands.

Yogyakarta, Special Region of Indonesia

One of the cities in Indonesia which is also a place to visit for world famous celebrities is Yogyakarta. The city that has the nickname as the City of Students does offer a tradition and a thick culture, as well as beautiful natural scenery. So it is not surprising that the city is ogled by many foreign tourists. Some world celebrities do not want to miss to explore the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta. Call it the actress Nicole Kidman, who once toured the Mount Merapi tourist area by using a jeep. Then the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, who visited the Cyber ​​village, in the Taman Sari area, Yogyakarta, at the same time also tasted the typical Indonesian food at Warung Bu Ageng, owned by artist Butet Kertarejasa.

Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara

Komodo Island is also not only a paradise for travelers, but also one of the best places for photographers to capture the milky way without excessive light pollution such as in Jakarta or Surabaya. Komodo Island is a seven-world wonder that is starting to be glimpsed by foreign tourists as one of the Jurassic Park tourist destinations that still exists. The film Jurassic Park, which was filmed by Steven Spelberg, is one of the most memorable masterpieces of all time as a fiction film that revives an ancient animal, a dinosaur.

Lake Sentani, Papua

Lake Sentani is a very famous lake in the province of Papua. The lake, located in the south of Jayapura Regency, has an area of ​​9,360 hectares and a depth of 70 meters below sea level. The lake area, which is a unity with the Cyclops Mountains nature reserve, has a beautiful natural panorama and is full of cultural values. Lake Sentani is one of the leading tourism objects owned by Papua. The lake with stunning views surrounds 24 villages with a variety of arts and culture that are of interest to tourists. In fact, in the opinion of some local residents, handicrafts such as bark paintings and stone paintings are among the best art products in all of Papua. What can you do here? Many. You can fish, swim or go around the lake in a rented boat. If you still feel you are lacking, why not visit the local villages? You can stop by the houses and chat while enjoying the typical culinary.

Tongkonan Lempe Lolai, Toraja South Sulawesi

For in the central part of Indonesia, especially on the island of South Sulawesi, there is one tourist destination that can be said to be very complete, coupled with its unique uniqueness. Traditions, special food, beautiful places, and many more, the place was named Toraja. The local government, in addition to the jargon of  destinations, in Indonesia, visit Indonesia, said that you should not die before going to Toraja. The majority of Toraja people who adhere to Christianity and thick with ancestral traditions, so the main attraction for foreign tourists visiting and lingering there. Far from the capital city of South Sulawesi, Makassar, one of which you can visit Tongkonan Lempe, Lolai, the highlands located in Benteng Mamulu Village, North Toraja. With a height of 1,300 meters above sea level, tourists can see the view of thick clouds from up there. No wonder so many people named this place “Country Above Clouds”. In this place, tourists can take photos in interesting spots that have been decorated very beautifully. No need to worry about starvation, Tongkonan Lempe tourist destination, Lolai, also provides a variety of foods that can be purchased. However, make sure to wear thick clothes when going there because the air is quite cold.

Dieng Crater, Banjarnegara Central Java

The natural beauty of Dieng Plateau is a priceless gift, as a mainstay tourist attraction in Central Java, the Dieng plateau which is included in the Wonosobo and Banjarnegara regencies offers more than 37 world-recognized tourism objects. We thoroughly examine the list of attractions in Dieng with original documentation that was successfully enshrined throughout the year. Dieng with all the natural and cultural phenomena makes anyone who visits feel amazed, in the past when some Dutch citizens often visited the Dieng Tourism Object, certainly not without reason, they even dared to promote to European countries so that they would visit the Dieng Plateau. The combination of the beauty of natural panorama and cultural grandeur of the remnants of the past makes Dieng has its own added value compared to others, many people have visited various tourist sites throughout the world, and rarely there are like Dieng moreover in terms of distance, travel between objects, almost all tourism objects in Dieng are close to each other with the axis area.

That’s the list of Indonesian tourism that is targeted by foreign tourists. With its world-famous jargon, in Indonesia, visit Indonesia is indeed rich in complete tourist places. Starting from the beauty of the mountains, valleys, rivers to the enchanting underwater world.

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