Some Vibes of Nature and Culture in Indonesia

Nihiwatu Beach Sumba East Nusa Tenggara

Indonesia is such a country that has a lof diversity, like its language, culture, religion, language, and the unique thing that every region has. The most famous places that most people like to go to when they are visiting Indonesia are about nature and culture, like beaches and temples. There are around hundreds of beaches and temples that Indonesia has but only some that are able to visit and explored by people. These are some nice and beautiful beaches in Indonesia

  1. Padang-Padang Beach, Bali

This beach has a lot of big corals to make it more beautiful, local people who live near the beach usually call it Labuan Sait beach. It becomes one of the favorite places to do sunbathing for local and foreign tourists who stay in around Pecatu or Uluwatu. The unique thing that this beach has is, having hills for the background. If people want to go to “the mouth” of the beach they have to pass the way that looks like a cave then going down using the stair that is only able to be passed by one person. After passing those kinds of ways, people will see white sand and clear water of it.

  • Ora Beach, Maluku

The characteristic of this beach is its white sand and clear water, having corals and a lot of kind of fish. Some activities that people can do here are snorkeling, diving, culinary, exploring caves, and photography. People who want to dive do not need to swim so deep, they only need to dive for about two to three meters. The visitors are also able to visit Manusela National Park that is located behind Ora Beach Resort, this garden has 117 species of birds. Tourists can enjoy the Manusela National Park by using a boat or a canal to go around it. There are also some small islands that people can visit, which are Sawai island, Raja island, Kelelawar island, Tujuh island, Tengah island, and Sapalewa island, to go around these islands only takes around 30 minutes.

  • Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba

It is claimed as the best beach in number 17 out of 100 beaches in the world. This beach has become a favorite destination for surfers, they call this beach as “God’s Left”, surfers who come here mostly from abroad. It is located about 30 kilometers from Waikabukak, West Sumba. There is a rule that is to be obeyed for surfers, which is, it is only allowed for 10 people to surf at the same time, if the others want to surf too, they have to wait for their turns. While waiting for their turns, they can do some things, like fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, going on a boat to go to Konda Maloba beach, watching birds, or trekking. The wave that this beach has is the best wave in Indonesia and the fastest wave in the world.

Places that tourist would like to visit when they are in Indonesia are the temples. Even though the majority of religion in Indonesia is Islam but there are some nice and beautiful temples here. It is another proof that Indonesia can live in diversity. So, here are some temples that people can visit while they are here

  1. Prambanan Temple

This is a Hindu temple, located in Prambanan, Yogyakarta, actually, the parking area of it belongs to Klaten—a city that is closed to Prambanan. In this temple, there are four temples that people can see, which are Roro Jonggrang temple, Lumbung temple, Bubrah temple, and Sewu Temple. Roro Jonggrang is the main temple here, there are three temples that every of it has its God. The first is Brahma temple, in Hindu Wisnu is a God of a creator, in front of this temple there is one temple that is built for Brahma’s vehicle, its name is Angsa temple (Angsa means Swan) but there is no statue in this Angsa temple. The next is Shiwa temple, this is the biggest temple here, it has four rooms inside and every room has each statue, Shiwa is the God of destroyer and rebuilder, Shiwa’s vehicle is Nandhi—a cow, it is placed in front of Shiwa’s temple. The third is Wisnu temple, Wisnu is a God of protector, he has Garuda (Eagle in English) as his vehicle and it is placed in front of it in a temple called Garuda temple but actually, there is no statue inside. Walking around for about 10 minutes, visitors will be able to see the other temple; Lumbung temple, Bubrah temple, and Sewu temple. There is no statue in Lumbung temple because a long time ago this temple was used to save the harvest, just like its name—Lumbung, in Java Lumbung means a place to save the harvest. The next temple is Bubrah temple, in Java Bubrah means broken, this temple was rebuilt and just finished in around the end of 2018. Last but not least is Sewu temple, Sewu means thousand in Java, the unique thing about it is, it is Buddist temple but located in the Hindu temples area.

  • Plaosan Temple

This is such a perfect place to enjoy the sunset, located in Klaten, this Buddist temple is divided into two temples, which are Plaosan Lor (Plaosan north) and Plaosan Kidul (Plaosan south). In Plaosan Lor there are two statues named Dwarapala who are facing each other. In the north side, there is a ground that is made of stones and it is surrounded by rows of stones. Two main temples that face west direction. While in Plosan Kidul the temples are not as fixed as in Plosan Lor but the government has tried to rebuild this.

Temples and beaches become tourist’s favorite places to visit while they are in Indonesia because those two places are easy to be found. Indonesia also has a lot of nice and beautiful beaches and temples, so people have so many options. Not only beaches and temples, but Indonesia actually also has another good place to visit, like caves, mosques, gardens, mountain, and other nice places.

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