Some Vibes of Nature and Culture in Indonesia

Nihiwatu Beach Sumba East Nusa Tenggara

Indonesia is such a country that has a lof diversity, like its language, culture, religion, language, and the unique thing that every region has. The most famous places that most people like to go to when they are visiting Indonesia are about nature and culture, like beaches and temples. There are around hundreds of beaches and temples that Indonesia has but only some that are able to visit and explored by people. These are some nice and beautiful beaches in Indonesia

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Visit Indonesia: A Series of Paradise in The Eastern Part Of Indonesia

Mandorak Beach East Nusa Tenggara

Visit Indonesia has become well known recently. Indonesia is one of the countries known for its rich natural tourism. The diversity of its natural attractions makes Indonesia’s natural beauty endless. So many natural attractions in Indonesia are still hidden and not yet known by many people. Indonesia, which is located on two oceans and two continents, has a series of islands with more than 17 thousand islands, indeed known as a country rich in natural diversity, and its culture.

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A Yogyakarta Tour: A Complete Holiday Package

Yogyakarta Travel Lists

If you decide to have an unforgettable holiday, try to give it a chance for a Yogyakarta tour. This city which is rich for both its cultural and natural wealth will make you dream of coming back here over again. The people who are so welcome will leave warmth in you no other places can do.

Well-known for its Javanese culture, Yogyakarta is a perfect tourist destination for a family holiday. All family members can learn vast traditional culture in such a wonderful atmosphere. Accommodation and transportation are easily found. It is spread everywhere around the city; from budget to five-star hotels, from traditional to modern transportation.

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Top 10 Most Exhilarating Places to Visit in Indonesia

Fort Marlborough Bengkulu Sumatera

Do you plan to visit Indonesia? Going on a holiday is fun and all but choosing the right holiday destination is another thing. We believe that choosing the right destination is the key to an exhilarating holiday. Indonesia is one of the best holiday destinations that you might want to consider if you plan to go on holiday. If you have never heard of this country before, this country is located in Southeast Asia. The country is the 4th most populous country in the whole wide world with over 250 million people. Almost all parts of Indonesia have a tropical climate. This is the reason behind the everlasting summer in Indonesia. Well, to be honest, it is not that everlasting. Sometimes it is raining too in Indonesia. This warm and humid climate is the reason why there are so many unique animals and plants in Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago it consists of more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia along with all its beautiful, unique, and diverse flora and fauna attracts so many tourists from many parts of the world. Since there are so many magnificent places to visit in Indonesia it can be a little bit confusing to choose the best holiday destination. Worry not, we are going to provide you with the top ten places to visit in Indonesia. Check this out!

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Hidden Places in Indonesia Most Locals Visit

Labengki Islands Kendari Southeast Sulawesi

There are so many destinations that are just waiting to be explored. Some are mainstream places that people are often heading to, but some might potentially become the next attractions that must be visited yet it hasn’t been famous. Discovering hidden gems overlooked by travelers, these are places in Indonesia where the locals mostly spend their quality time but never failed to attract tourists.

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Tourist Attraction When You Visit Indonesia

Komodo Islands East Nusa Tenggara

Before you visit Indonesia, it is better if you know about it first. The Ministry of Home Affairs published by the Central Statistics Agency that Indonesia has 17,504 islands in Indonesia spread approximately thirty-two provinces. The provinces with the most islands are Riau Islands with a total of 2,408 islands. Then followed by West Papua with 1,945 islands in second place and North Maluku with 1,474 islands in the third position. While the provinces that have the fewest islands are Yogyakarta Special Region with 19 islands and 19 islands Jambi. The area of Indonesia reaches 1.91 million square km, stretching from Sabang, Aceh to Merauke, Papua. There are about 265 million people of this beautiful country. Not only as one of the largest islands in the world but also Indonesia has so many tourism objects, here are some tourist attractions that mostly visited by visitors.

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Heavenly Places in Indonesia for your Vacation

Ora Beach Maluku

It’s incomplete to live without adventure to all corners of the world in this millennium era. Because everywhere is very easy to reach, so is the access to information. Now, you millennials, have you traveled to interesting and famous places in the world? Being able to travel abroad is indeed interesting and fun. But all of that requires careful preparation including the cost that is not small. Not to mention the matter of taking care of the visa, hoping anxiously it would be approved or even rejected.

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10 Places You Must Go When You Visit Indonesia

Green Canyon Ciamis West Java

For some people, traveling is not just about to visit Indonesia and enjoying the scenery and photographs, but also to challenge their adrenaline. This is why people need to be more selective in choosing tour destinations, especially those who enjoy extreme travellin. Anyway, traveling to extreme places can bring new experiences, especially for you who live in big cities and get bored with the environment.

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