Mount Bromo: The Best Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Mount Bromo East Java

Have you ever been on vacation or visited Mount Bromo? Who doesn’t know Mount Bromo as one of the most popular mountains in the world? Yeah, Mount Bromo is one of the mountains that you must visit when you visit Indonesia. This mountain is located in East Java Province, Indonesia. One of the things that are interesting in Mount Bromo is the beauty of the mountain that fascinates locals and foreign visitors who come. Mount Bromo is a mountain-shaped tourist attraction located in 4 districts in East Java, namely Malang, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, and Lumajang Regencies.

Because it is very famous for its beauty both locally and internationally, Mount Bromo is never devoid of visitors each month. This mountain has a height of more than 2,000 meters above sea level and has several very interesting attractions besides you see the beauty of Mount Bromo. What interesting objects can you see?

The History of Mount Bromo

I am sure that you will often hear about Mount Bromo when you visit Indonesia. However, have you ever or have known about the history of Mount Bromo? Yup! The history of Mount Bromo begins with the triumph of the Majapahit Kingdom in which a huge war ensued and resulted in the Majapahit community being required to move somewhere safe. At that time the Majapahit people took refuge in 2 places, namely on the island of Bali and the slopes of Mount Bromo.

Meanwhile, the name of the tribe in Mount Bromo is called the Tengger Tribe which is a name taken from the Legend of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. Then, the Tengger Tribe people took the names of the two figures to become the name “Tengger” and they called themselves the Tengger Tribe. Even people believe that Mount Bromo is a holy mountain. From history, it is said that the Javanese call the mountain Bromo while the Balinese call it Brahma Mountain.

Interesting Places You Must Visit at Mount Bromo

When you visit Indonesia, like visit Mount Bromo, then you must visit interesting places and you must visit when heading on this mountain. This tourist attraction presents a variety of activities that you should try and will certainly attract your attention. Then, what can you do when you are in this mountain? Here are the things you can do.

1. Climb 1 and 2

Ramp 1 is one of the locations that you must choose and do to be able to see the sunrise. If you usually watch the sunrise on the beach, then it is not wrong if this time you are watching the sunrise on the mountain. Is it really fun to be able to see the sunrise with a vast expanse of sand and mountain views covered by black sand? You can even see the sunrise in the morning accompanied by a thick fog blanketing the mountains. You only need to use a motorized vehicle to get to climb 1. However, if you prefer a place that is not too high to see the sunrise, then you can choose climb 2 to see the sunrise.

2. Crater

In addition to seeing the sunrise on climbs 1 and 2, you can also excite and see the craters on this mountain. You will be surprised to see the crater view on Mount Bromo because the color of the crater is very beautiful and you can also take pictures with a stunning crater background. To be able to see or take pictures near this crater, you can only access it on foot because you can not use a motorcycle to reach the crater. You need about 2 km to reach the crater on foot. You are required to walk up the stairs but if you feel tired to walk, you can rent a horse for you to ride to get to the crater.

3. Ngedas Village

After you are tired to see the beauty that is so enchanting on the mountain, you can also enjoy seeing the Tengger Tribe settlement located in Ngedas when you visit Indonesia. Maybe when you come to Ngedas Village you will think that the village is the same as other villages. However, you will find a culture that is very thick in this tribe and is still maintained. Not only local tourists who come to visit this village, but foreign tourists also come to simply see the Tengger Tribe residents firsthand. This village also often holds several traditions such as lumping horse and even a fast horse. Interested?

4. Love Hills

Love hills are one of the places frequented by both local and foreign tourists. Besides, you can see the sunrise on this hill, you can see lined green hills that are still covered by dark mist. In the afternoon, besides you can see a widespread of green expanse around Mount Bromo, you can take photos in Love Hills because of its quiet beautiful location.

5. Luhur Poten Temple

As you know, the Tengger tribe adheres to the Hindu religion. So, it is not wrong if you will find a temple that is quite famous named Luhur Poten Temple. This temple is located in the area of Bromo and used as a place of worship of the Tengger Tribe. You can just look at this temple to see the Tengger Tribe worshiping at the temple.

Entrance ticket

To be able to enjoy Mount Bromo, you are required to pay several fees such as;

– Nusantara entrance ticket – Mount Bromo (business hours) = Rp.29,000

– Nusantara entrance ticket – Mount Bromo (holiday) = Rp.34,000

– Nusantara entrance ticket – Mount Semeru = Rp. 19,000

– Nusantara entrance ticket – Mount Semeru (holiday) = Rp. 24,000

Parking fee

Parking fees at Mount Bromo tourist attractions are also very cheap. You can use your motorcycle with a pretty cheap parking price. The following is a list of parking prices at Mount Bromo;

– Cars / 4-wheeled vehicles: Rp.10,000

– Motorcycle: Rp.5,000

– Bicycles: Rp.2,000

– Parking for Horses: Rp. 1500, –

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