Job creation and retention are the key elements to keeping our economy moving forward. Employers will not invest in new businesses or expand existing ones when taxes are high and the federal government is saddling them with the expensive unfunded mandates and burdensome regulations that this administration has worked so hard to get rid of.

That’s why, as your Congressman, I will continue to work with state and local officials to make sure we are always fostering an environment that continues to create high quality, high paying jobs.

Congress is not directly a job creator. However, the federal government can and should be instrumental in creating a business climate in which employers are willing to invest in business expansion, new business start-ups are encouraged, and invasive regulations are kept to a minimum.



The Federal Government has got to learn to live within its means. We must immediately balance the overly bloated federal budget, and actively work toward reducing our trade deficit.

As a long-time businessman, I have had to keep a sharp eye on the bottom line of my businesses to ensure that employees and vendors are paid on time. The government should operate by this same basic standard. We cannot spend money that we do not have!

The periodic raising of the nation’s debt ceiling is not a long-term solution. Government must provide for the essential responsibilities of national defense, maintenance of federal highways, preservation of Social Security, and welfare programs for our most needy citizens. Aside from these core responsibilities, most functions of government are more efficiently handled at the state and local levels.



I believe that decisions regarding the education of our children are best made at the local and state levels, rather than by the Federal Department of Education. Voucher programs and charter schools have shown positive results and should be dramatically expanded.




As one of the most fundamental responsibilities of the Federal Government, a strong national defense is critical to the freedom and quality of life of all Americans. Our borders must remain secure, and we must at all times be cognizant of the rising threat from those who wish to do us harm, both foreign and domestic.

We must take great care in determining any necessary intervention in foreign affairs, especially when there is no imminent threat to the United States or American citizens. We can remain a strong, assertive, respected World Leader without being viewed as the “Policeman of the World.”



The Federal Government should not be forcing unfunded mandates such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) upon the states. This sort of top-down legislation from the Federal Government comes with many unintended consequences, and places tremendous burden upon the businesses and employers that drive our economy.

Management of healthcare policy at the state level would help to mitigate fraud and abuse, while ensuring that each state develops programs that best suit the needs of their residents. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work on an issue as complex as healthcare coverage. Reform is needed. However, the ACA is far over-reaching, expensive, and detrimental to our fragile economy.