Reasons That Make You Addicted to Go on a Tour to Indonesia

Trio Gili Islands Lombok West Nusa Tenggara

Indonesia is indeed known as a region that has a lot of diversity. From growing plants, living animals, customs, language, religion, ethnicity to food, you can find them here by simply moving from one region to another easily.

It is not only diversity that makes Indonesia a unique country, but the attitude and friendly nature possessed by the original community will surely make your feelings touched, cool, calm, and want to be close to the people.

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Raja Ampat Islands: A Hidden Paradise

Misool Islands Raja Ampat Papua

Are you a traveler? If you are a traveler and you are looking for famous tourist attractions in various parts of the world, you need to visit the Raja Ampat Islands. Yeah! Who does not know Raja Ampat? It is one of the places that you must visit when you visit Indonesia. These islands are in West Papua, Indonesia.

This tourism place is known as a hidden paradise. You can see various kinds of natural beauty in this place. You can see the extraordinary underwater scenery. For those of you who like snorkeling, you can snorkel in these islands. It is not wrong if many tourists visit this place, both local and foreign tourists. Even so, the cost to get to Raja Ampat is not so cheap and you may think that you have to spend a lot of money to be able to enjoy this island.

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A Nusa Penida Tour: Heaven on Earth!

Nusa Penida Badung Bali

Although its name might not be as famous as Bali, a Nusa Penida tour will give you a glamorous experience you won’t ever regret in your lifetime. Nusa Penida lies in the southeast of Bali. To be exact, it belongs to one of the sub-districts of Klungkung, Bali. Stretching out for 202.8 km2, this island owns mesmerizing natural and cultural wealth. 

Mention ‘Nusa Penida’ and people will think of its beautiful beaches. It is no wonder as Nusa Penida is an island and therefore it must have been surrounded by waters. Lots of domestic and international tourists are coming to the island to witness its great beaches. Those hidden heavens on earth!

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The Most Top-Rated Destination to Visit in Indonesia

Ubud Bali Island

The simple yet always wanted thing to spend the long weekend is a holiday! There are a lot of attractions that are offered to make your holiday well-completed. Indonesia itself has the most visited places that will fulfill your satisfaction, and it can be very exciting if you are heading there as soon as possible. Mostly known for its charming cultural towns and natural magnetism, Indonesia will bring you to a lot of horizon-expanding experiences and a desire to go back one day.

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Top 8 Most Beautiful Attractions to Visit in Indonesia

Kete Kesu Tana Toraja South Sulawesi

Indonesia is a country that has many islands with almost 13,500 islands. It located in Asia Southeastern. This large country has a variety of culture, language, religion, even the tourist attraction to visit. Indonesia offers wonderful places for a vacation from the traditions ancient or historical places, modern and back to nature. This reason millions of tourists visit Indonesia every year. 

You can visit Jakarta to see National monument or you can visit Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara to see the wonderful beaches and traditions. However, you can choose the entire best attractions place to visit and be sure you will get the experiences. 

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Things to Do While Visiting Indonesia

Borobudur Temple Magelang Central Java

Indonesia is located in Asia—Southeast Asia to be exact, this country has Jakarta as its capital city. It has around 17,504 islands but there are only five islands that are famous and big, which are Java. Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua. Indonesia is also a country that has a lot of local languages, almost every region in Indonesia has its language. Every year a lot of people want to visit Indonesia, they want to see the beaches, the mountains, the temples, and many other beautiful things. So here is the list of famous and  beautiful places in Indonesia, places that everyone should visit when they are here,

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Four Popular Yet Best Travelling Destination in Indonesia

Mount Rinjani West Nusa Tenggara

Everyone around the world, at least once, is dreaming a great and memorable vacation. Some want a journey with family, some want a romantic traveling, and some want a short break from work with friends. Whatever the reason is, we will agree that we ought to have the most we can get from the traveling experience. On planning our vacation, besides, decide on the dates we need to decide on the best destination as well. If you think that it will be a bit tricky to list them on your own, we already listed some great destination in Indonesia that popularly known for both the locals and the foreigners who want to visit Indonesia.

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Visit Indonesia! It Will Never Bore You

Raja Ampat West Papua

I know it is so much more comfortable there on your bed with NetFlix or Instagram memes keep you comfy and entertained. But look out there, there is so much more to offer rather than dramas and fictions on your gadgets.  Let me present you, Indonesia, where you will never get enough of!


You are about to find the perfect reasons why you must leave your bed sometimes on holiday. If you happened to be Indonesian, these reasons will make you nod your head and be proud if you are a fan of tourism, this is just the right place to inspire you.

Here are thousands of reasons, well ..not that many, but sure will be more than enough for you:

1. The attractions

To begin with, let’s start with tourism places. The variety of places to visit is never-ending. There will always be a new place to visit.

2. La cuisine

Based on my own experiences and observation, when you have a foreigner that has been living in Indonesia for quite some time, they will get fat! Okay I know that is not a good thing, but that certainly signifies one thing. The Indonesian food is irresistible.with a variety of herbs and spices, the taste will not leave your tongue, and the price will not get you broke.

3. The culture

A countless number of culture, from the traditional dances to the local language will get you mesmerized and confused at the same time. 

4. The Mountains and coral reef

The land of mountains, the sea of coral reefs what can you ask for more? There are around 400 volcanoes here in Indonesia with 127 of them are still active. The rest will make a great destination for tourists. And talk about the coral reefs, not to be less beautiful than the ones found in Maldives or Hawaii. So what are you waiting for? Visit Indonesia!

5. The unique

Let’s see some dinosaurs. Belongs to the ancient reptile kind, where else on earth can you find komodo? This giant reptile can be found only on the Komodo island in Indonesia of course.

6. Nature

A surfing paradise in Mentawai and waterfall in practically everywhere in the country, satisfy yourself with saltwater or freshwater on your skin.

7. Less money, baby

Looking at your bank account and think it is impossible to travel? Indonesia is the best place to save your money while having a good time at the same time. Everything is a low cost here, from living cost to food expenses everything is cheap.

8. City lights

After an adventure in nature,( wow that’s rhyming!) You can go to a city tour. Jakarta and Bali is a good recommendation for that.

9. Smile!

Indonesia is number one in the human friendliness. No wonder if you are foreigner you will see that everybody seems to be smiling at you and even ask you for selfies! 

Are you start thinking about packing your bag now? Wait there are still more. Keep reading.

Hidden paradise

Expanding from Sabang to Merauke with more than 5 million square kilometers large filled with popular destinations from Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat and so on, we need to find something unusual, something hidden. 

Let us visit the special region of Yogyakarta and see some Sahara desert. I’m kidding, it is neither Sahara nor a desert, it is huge dunes. Relatively new, this Parangkusumo dune is located near the popular parangtritis beach.

You heard about Komodo Island before, there seems to be a place that has a similar sphere located in Indramayu, West Java. the place is called Pulau Biawak (monitor lizard island). You can find the huge lizard everywhere on the island accompanied by exotic species of fish and birds to make it more movie-like, here you can see a lighthouse in which built during the colonial era.

The next stop is the Kakaban lake situated in east Kalimantan. Not just some lake, the water is a habitat for 4 species of friendly jellyfish. Don’t worry they don’t smile at you or something, they don’t sting.  Floating underwater in massive amounts, this such an unusual attraction for the visitor, and it is safe to swim here, so grab your swimsuit and swim away. The water of the lake is semi-salt-water and it is not an ordinary type of place for jellyfish to live. That is why this place also has attracted some scientists as well.

Who doesn’t love a waterfall? The freshwater splashing to your face, clear up your stressful mind. Here is another reference for waterfall lovers out there. Named Lagune waterfall, it is located in the Sorawalio, Kota Bau-Bau, southeast Sulawesi this could be the most beautiful waterfall in Indonesia.

There are more places than what I have mentioned here, but let me not overwhelmed you by the choices. I will give you the last one, for now. Bromo is so famous as a tourist attraction, and everybody who has traveled there or finds out about it from the internet knows what is so good about the place. There is more to it, if you have the chance, must go to the carpets of edelweiss flowers. the beauty of the place will blow your mind and your camera memory on your phone!

Some travel tips

I mentioned before that Indonesia is low-cost right? But if you wanna save even more money and be smart, I will give you some tips :

1. Buy things in the market and eat on the street. Street food s are the best and it will keep your wallet safe while buying things at the market is cheaper but you also should bargain with your life at stake.

2. Online and in advance accommodation booking is the smarter and cheaper way to save your money. It is best to book everything online in advance than paying at the moment.

3. When you want to go from one city to another, you can take a train or bus. If you choose taking buses, it will be cheaper if you pay directly on the bus rather than from the ticket window. But nowadays there applications that allow you to book your bus ticket online, easy and cheap.

4. Try to use public transportation to go around, or you can go for an online ride, make sure you download the application on your gadget first.

If you are done reading, pack your bag, book your ticket, and visit Indonesia.