A Yogyakarta Tour: A Complete Holiday Package

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If you decide to have an unforgettable holiday, try to give it a chance for a Yogyakarta tour. This city which is rich for both its cultural and natural wealth will make you dream of coming back here over again. The people who are so welcome will leave warmth in you no other places can do.

Well-known for its Javanese culture, Yogyakarta is a perfect tourist destination for a family holiday. All family members can learn vast traditional culture in such a wonderful atmosphere. Accommodation and transportation are easily found. It is spread everywhere around the city; from budget to five-star hotels, from traditional to modern transportation.

Yogyakarta has many destinations that are favorable to both domestic and international tourists. Palace, beaches, waterfall, temples, and many countless beautiful destinations will ask you more than a 3-day holiday trip to enjoy those good things. A short holiday can never be enough in this city. In spite of its abundant beauty, this page has summed up 5 top destinations you must visit in Yogyakarta. Although 5 is never enough!

  1. Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

Visiting Yogyakarta would not be complete without taking a palace tour. Keraton Yogyakarta or commonly called Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat is located in the downtown of Yogyakarta. It is easy to be found. Check your maps or simply asking the people surround and you will easily end up in this palace.

Coming to this palace, you will see a simple picture of Javanese culture and wealth. You will also witness lots of historical heritage within the palace’s complex such as fabulous Javanese traditional costume and house. It does not stop there. This palace will depict the warmth of Javanese people through the way they welcome and communicate with every visitor coming to the palace. There is no other better way to get to know Javanese culture other than coming to its center.

If you plan to come to Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, you are advised not to wear sunglasses or a hat inside the complex. That way you respect the palace’s as well as Javanese culture. One good tip to go: come to this palace around 9 a.m. to watch Javanese traditional dance performance in the palace.

  • Borobudur Temple

Mention ‘Borobudur’ and people will directly remember its greatness. Literally, Borobudur temple is a great historical building built in the 9th century. It becomes the world’s largest Buddhist’ temple. It is actually located in Magelang, 1.5-hour driving from the downtown of Yogyakarta. In spite of the distance, this destination remains a must-visit tourist object once you are having a Yogyakarta tour.

This very well-known temple has become tourists’ magnet for its magnificent building. UNESCO even dubbed Borobudur as the grandest shrine complex in the world. Borobudur was built using approximately 2 million interlocking andesite pieces arranged like a very huge puzzle. Within the pieces, there lies 2,672 reliefs telling Buddha’s life and his teachings as well as the advancement in Javanese society in that era.

  • Sri Gethuk Waterfall

If you are seeking for a fresh holiday with cool air surround, come to Sri Gethuk waterfall. Located in Gunung Kidul, you need to drive for about 1 hour to reach this mesmerizing spot in Yogyakarta. This hidden paradise cannot be directly seen once you arrived in its location. You have to do short tracking or else you can take provided raft made of used barrels to reach the waterfall.

Sri Gethuk is surrounded by cliffs and green trees as well. Its crystal-clear bluish water is so inviting that you feel like plunging into the water. In fact, you can choose whether to soak under the waterfall or to swim in the river. Just make sure you go there in the dry season. Otherwise, you will find a murky water surround.

What makes Sri Gethuk unique is its three falls that run within a cliff. Each fall runs facing different directions. However, it ends up in the same cascading small waterfalls below. It is even more unique as those three falls come out of the cliff that grows many trees on it. It creates an illusion as if the waterfalls come out of nowhere. Magic!

  • Ngobaran Beach

It is not a holiday without a beach day waving hello to you! Ngobaran beach is one of the amazing beaches in Gunung Kidul you must visit. Its white sand and clear water become a magnet attracting many tourists to come.

However, it does not stop just there. Coming to this beach is more than having a sandy, sunny day in your day-off. Ngobaran has both cultural and natural spots all in one package. You can see temples in this beach along with some god and goddess statues around 50 meters above the beach. Hinduists use Ngobaran to pray and do their religious ritual.

If you are a Moslem, do not worry about finding a mosque to pray. There is a 3×4 meter mosque in Ngobaran that you can use. What unique about this mosque is it has a sandy floor and a qibla facing directly to the sea.

  • Malioboro Street

This is a signature of your Yogyakarta holiday you can never miss out. Stretched out for 2 kilometers, this street is crowded with hundreds of vendors selling various kinds of handicrafts, traditional foods, clothes, and paintings as well. You can also find many hotels in this strategic street in the middle of Yogyakarta.

Not only you can find unique, interesting goods in Malioboro, but you will also find some street musicians playing their music in this street. Various instruments are used altogether creating such great harmony. If you decide to take Javanese traditional transportation, you can also easily find them in Malioboro street. Delman is everywhere in this street.

Strolling down this street is killing two birds with one stone. Buying good stuff in one thing. Visiting other tourist destinations is another thing. You can find Vredeburg fortress as well as the Bringharjo market altogether in this street.

No need to get bamboozled of where to go in Yogyakarta. All you have to is just preparing longer days to stay. That way a Yogyakarta tour will carve a fabulous, unforgettable experience for your holiday.

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