6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Indonesia

Borobudur Temple: historical and cultural

The tourism sector in Indonesia has never lost its fans every year. Management of tourist attractions is getting better from time to time. However, there are still many prospective foreign tourists who don’t yet know why they should visit Indonesia. Here are the reasons why you should spend your vacation visiting Indonesia.

Indonesia is a paradise for marine tourism

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world. With almost all of its territories bordering with the sea, making Indonesia rich in marine tourism resources. An example is a beach. There are so many beaches in Indonesia, around 120 beaches. And that’s what has been managed and indeed used as a beach tour. Beyond that, Indonesia still has beautiful coastal resources.

In addition to the beach, Indonesia is also a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling. Almost all parts of Indonesia are included in important areas of the World Coral Triangle. The world coral triangle is a paradise and home to the world’s marine life, similar to the Amazon forest. Coral reefs in this region include 53 percent of the world’s coral reefs. In some areas of the Coral Triangle, such as in Raja Ampat, there are more than 600 coral species or more than 75 percent of species known in the world. So, you must not miss this experience and rare sight.

Indonesia is full of historical and cultural values

Lots of historical moments that happened or developed in Indonesia, and have an impact on the world. These moments originated from prehistoric times, the spread of Hindu-Buddhist religions, colonial times and the period of Indonesian independence until its development at this time. And you can see those moments in Indonesia. One of them is the Sangiran Ancient Man Site. This place has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage in the field of culture. UNESCO reports that Sangiran is recognized by scientists to be one of the most important sites in the world for studying human fossils, aligned with the sites of Zhoukoudian (China), Willandra Lakes (Australia), Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania), and Sterkfontein (South Africa), even better in inventions than others.

Besides Sangiran, Indonesia is also known to have the largest Buddhist temple and monument in the world, the Borobudur Temple. This stupa-shaped temple was built in 780-840 AD. This temple has a height of 34.5 m with an area of 123 x 123 m. The walls are decorated with 2,672 relief panels and there are 504 Buddha statues. With that amount, Borobudur is considered to have the most complete and most extensive collection of Buddhist reliefs in the world.

If you are a lover of the history of bilateral relations, one of the interesting places is the Museum of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung, West Java. This museum is memorabilia of the Asian-African Conference held in Indonesia on 18-24 April 1955. In this museum, you can learn about the events that underlie the birth of the Asian-African Conference, the impact of the Asian-African Conference on the international world; Gedung Merdeka from time to time; and profiles of countries participating in the Asian-African Conference published in multimedia.

Do you want to learn Indonesian culture? No need to hesitate. Indonesia presents a lot of cultural tourism and even its workshops. For example, learn to make batik, play Sundanese or Javanese gamelan, dance Balinese dances, or wear traditional clothing from various regions in Indonesia.

Shopping in Indonesia? Why not?

Shopping tourism in Indonesia is also an attraction for tourists to visit Indonesia. With traditional concepts and carrying the unique concepts of each region, making shopping in traditional markets has its taste and experience. An example is Beringharjo Market, Yogyakarta. Here you can buy souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta, for example, batik, in various media, such as bags, hats or clothes.

Or if you want to visit the market with the concept of super-luxury or mall, you can visit one of the biggest and most luxurious malls in Indonesia, the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall located in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. In this mall, there are many shops of famous brands in the world. Also, there is something unique in this mall, namely there is an art-cultural gallery called Galeri Indonesia Kaya. As entertainment, there is a magic fountain show, which is a fountain show with music and lighting, and beautiful water dances.

Indonesian cuisine that is diverse and appetizing

It feels incomplete if you don’t discuss culinary when traveling. Indonesia with its cultural diversity also has an impact on its culinary diversity. You can find this culinary with a distinctive taste in both food and snack. For example, rendang Padang. One of the international news agencies (in its travel rubric) named rendang Padang as the most delicious cuisine in the world. You can enjoy rendang easily in Indonesia because Padang cuisine restaurants develop in Indonesia; not only in his native area, West Sumatra. But it is said, if you want to enjoy the delicious rendang original from Padang, you must come to West Sumatra. This is due to some people claiming that rendang purchased at their original place is different and more delicious than outside the original area.

Besides rendang, you can also taste Javanese pecel. This pecel, sometimes also called the Indonesian salad, is a food with lots of boiled vegetables, such as spinach, long beans, sprouts, and cabbage, with a splash of savory and spicy peanut sauce. You can enjoy this pecel with rice or without rice, and it is usually served with peanut or anchovy peyek. Pecel is commonly found in areas on the island of Java, but Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java are recommended areas if you want to taste pecel.

Snacks and soft drinks that are known to have unique tastes are also easy to find. For example, wingko, bakpia, seblak, and es cendol are a few examples of the many snacks and soft drinks in Indonesia. Also, sambal is something you should not miss if in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country of sambal, with various variations that you must try.

Access to tourist attractions? Do not worry

You don’t need to be confused if you want to visit Indonesia. Indonesia has many international airports that open routes from various countries. However, if your destination doesn’t have a route from your country of origin, you don’t need to worry. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Ngurah Rai International Airport are two large airports that open many flights to your destination areas in Indonesia.

What about local transportation? For local transportation, it depends on the respective region. But it can still be accessed easily. Jakarta, as the capital, has the most complete mass transportation access such as MRT, LRT, electric commuter train, BRT, taxis, bajaj, and angkot. Many other regions have also adopted BRT transportation, besides taxis and angkot. But if you don’t want to be bothered, you can take part in various tour programs provided by the tourism service industry. Or you can also use online transportation services that are already quite widespread throughout Indonesia.

Don’t forget the hospitality of the Indonesian people

You will never regret exploring Indonesia. Indonesia is known for its friendly people. You will never miss the friendly smiles and greetings made by the people of Indonesia. You will feel comfortable and have a more appreciated feeling when visiting Indonesia.

Those are the 6 main reasons why you should visit Indonesia. Indonesia is a safe country and can be one experience that cannot be forgotten for you. Enjoy “Wonderful Indonesia”!

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