The Other Side of Indonesia’s Travel Destinations

Banda Islands Maluku

Indonesia is one country that is endowed with lots of enchanting beauty. So it is not surprising that there are many tourist destinations in Indonesia that are never empty of visitors. With the tagline, wonderful Indonesia, visit Indonesia succeeded in hypnotizing many people to visit Indonesia. There are many tourist destinations that are always crowded by visitors every time. If we talk about the area, then Indonesia is one of the countries that is quite broad and long. This is what makes our country divided into several regions namely west, central and east. This division also applies to time zones and tourist areas.

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Visit Indonesia – Find the Most Wonderful Cycling Spots in the Country

Nusa Lembongan Badung Bali

Indonesia – where the famous Bali Island lies – has a wide range of spectacular diverse natural beauty. Either it is sandy beaches, green hills, waterfall, or rice fields, you can find them all in the country. One of the best ways to enjoy its breathing fresh air and unrestricted views of nature is by riding on two wheels. Yep! You will find a unique way to enjoy the beauty of the country by cycling. Check out all you need to know about the bicycle tour when you visit Indonesia through the following page.

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Now It’s Time to Visit Indonesia: 10 Destinations That Must Be Visited

Bunaken Marine National Park

Indonesia is one of the countries with a lot of natural and cultural wealth. Located in the Southeast Asia region, this country is a neighboring country of Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Indonesia is currently still part of the country with the biggest economic power, which is ranked 16th in the world. One of the supports of Indonesia’s economic strength is its tourism sector. With the tagline “Wonderful Indonesia”, Indonesian tourism has many types of tourist attractions, even practically complete, from marine tourism, cultural tourism, to nature reserve tourism. Here are 10 interesting tourist attractions in Indonesia that you must visit.

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Mount Bromo: The Best Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Mount Bromo East Java

Have you ever been on vacation or visited Mount Bromo? Who doesn’t know Mount Bromo as one of the most popular mountains in the world? Yeah, Mount Bromo is one of the mountains that you must visit when you visit Indonesia. This mountain is located in East Java Province, Indonesia. One of the things that are interesting in Mount Bromo is the beauty of the mountain that fascinates locals and foreign visitors who come. Mount Bromo is a mountain-shaped tourist attraction located in 4 districts in East Java, namely Malang, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, and Lumajang Regencies.

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