Visit Indonesia: Easy Vacation on Komodo Island

Pink Beach Komodo Islands East Nusa Tenggara

Komodo Island!

Who does not know about Komodo Island? Komodo Island is an island in the Nusa Tenggara Islands, Indonesia. This island is a National Park area which has a variety of small islands.

If you think that this island has many dragons, you are right. This island is the only island that is home to dragons in the world. If you want to see the Komodo dragon directly, you must visit this place. The interesting thing is that you can easily see dragons targeting their prey. When you visit Indonesia, it’s not wrong if you try to take a vacation in this tourist spot.

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Travel Destinations in Indonesia are not only Bali

Mentawai West Sumatera

Indonesia, known as the Archipelago State, has a variety of tourist attractions that offer stunning natural panoramas. No doubt, destination jargon in Indonesia, visit Indonesia is well known to the international public, making the natural beauty of Indonesia succeed in attracting the attention of many foreign tourists for a vacation to Indonesia. Not only ordinary people, world celebrities often choose Indonesia as a vacation destination, especially Bali. For the past few months, Hollywood celebrities have been seen displaying the beauty of Bali in their Instagram feeds. Most recently, was the visit of Kardashian families like Kim, Kourtney and Khloe who were on vacation while completing their project on the island of the Gods.

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Romantic Destination in Indonesia, Visit Indonesia

Pulo Cinta Eco Resort Gorontalo Sulawesi

Do you have a vacation plan with your partner or do you have a plan for your honeymoon? For those of you who are planning to vacation with your partner. Or you want to spend romantic moments with your partner, you can come to Indonesia, visit Indonesia to explore romantic tourist attractions that can spoil you and your partner. Indonesia is widely known for its beautiful beach tourism, but you should know that not only is the beach which is a favorite tourist destination for tourists, but there are still many other romantic attractions that you can visit when you are on your honeymoon with your partner. You know that the honeymoon is an important moment for you and your partner to spend time together. Therefore, you must ensure that you visit the correct tourist attractions. So, for all of you who want to plan a vacation in Indonesia, I will share some romantic tourist attractions that you must visit with your partner. Because in Indonesia there are many romantic tours, so I would recommend the best romantic tours in Indonesia.

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The Top Four Mountain Picks in Indonesia You Need To Know!

Mount Kelimutu East Nusa Tenggara

When we are talking about our favorite travel destination, people might have a different thought on their mind. However, for those who especially are the hiking fanatic, the mountain could be the place that popping out first into their mind. The hiking or trekking activity might be commonly associated with tiring and tough activity since it requires good body endurance and total preparation. Even requires a complex process, the time when you complete the track, the mountain’s view and atmosphere will give you a priceless pleasure. If you are interested in hiking or trekking activity, there are many mountains in Indonesia that you can pay a visit. For that reason, we have listed some of the top four mountains for a recommendation as well. The mountains we listed are a popular destination, both for locals hiking fanatic and foreigners who visit Indonesia.

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Best Tourism Sites: Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi Islands

Have you ever visited Indonesia one of them in Southeast Sulawesi? If you have ever visited Southeast Sulawesi, you must often hear Wakatobi. Yeah! Wakatobi is one of the national parks in Indonesia when you visit Indonesia which is very famous by both local and foreign tourists. This national park is located in Wakatobi Regency, in Southeast Sulawesi Province. This place is a place or habitat for almost 85% of the world’s coral and has more than 900 species of fish. Not infrequently many tourists try to visit this place when they are in Indonesia. Did you know that Wakatobi as a National Park in Indonesia has been named as one of the best tourist attractions in the world?

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The Most Spectacular Spots in Indonesia for Snorkeling

Menjangan Islands Bali

Indonesia – which is surrounded by Hindia Ocean and the Pacific Ocean – is a paradise for those who are looking for the best spots in the world for snorkeling. If you explore further, you will find hidden paradises in the country where you can snorkel while enjoying fantastic views. Here are the best tourist destinations in Indonesia for your snorkeling vacations. Check this out!

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Some Vibes of Nature and Culture in Indonesia

Nihiwatu Beach Sumba East Nusa Tenggara

Indonesia is such a country that has a lof diversity, like its language, culture, religion, language, and the unique thing that every region has. The most famous places that most people like to go to when they are visiting Indonesia are about nature and culture, like beaches and temples. There are around hundreds of beaches and temples that Indonesia has but only some that are able to visit and explored by people. These are some nice and beautiful beaches in Indonesia

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Visit Indonesia: A Series of Paradise in The Eastern Part Of Indonesia

Mandorak Beach East Nusa Tenggara

Visit Indonesia has become well known recently. Indonesia is one of the countries known for its rich natural tourism. The diversity of its natural attractions makes Indonesia’s natural beauty endless. So many natural attractions in Indonesia are still hidden and not yet known by many people. Indonesia, which is located on two oceans and two continents, has a series of islands with more than 17 thousand islands, indeed known as a country rich in natural diversity, and its culture.

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A Yogyakarta Tour: A Complete Holiday Package

Yogyakarta Travel Lists

If you decide to have an unforgettable holiday, try to give it a chance for a Yogyakarta tour. This city which is rich for both its cultural and natural wealth will make you dream of coming back here over again. The people who are so welcome will leave warmth in you no other places can do.

Well-known for its Javanese culture, Yogyakarta is a perfect tourist destination for a family holiday. All family members can learn vast traditional culture in such a wonderful atmosphere. Accommodation and transportation are easily found. It is spread everywhere around the city; from budget to five-star hotels, from traditional to modern transportation.

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